The Style Doctors x Antidote Breakfast

Doctors remedy what ails us. Chiropractors straighten crooked spines. Dentists replace cracked teeth. Surgeons mend broken bones. And, to their M.D. counterparts, the Style Doctors fix wardrobes otherwise held together with fast fashion bandages.

Sophie Faith and Aricia Margoya, Miami’s resident Style Doctors, know how to cleanse. They take personal styling to a new level, interacting with clients in a way few in their trade do. With discerning eyes, great taste, and an appreciation for versatility, the two are transforming closets worldwide.

We had the pleasure of meeting with and chatting to the two aficionados, and hit all the important topics from a typical day in the life of a modern stylist to their fashion icons. Take a peek at the interview below, and remember - there’s always room for improvement.

What does the day of a personal stylist look like?

SF: I usually head to a client around 11am. It depends on what services they require, but usually we go through every piece in their closet and decide what to keep, sell or donate. After that we put together some outfits. My clients usually have a few pieces that they just don’t know how to wear so we play around with them. I love giving the clothes a new lease of life by simply changing up how they are worn.

What is the best way to shop trends without buying things that are in and out one season?

SF: I think it’s ok to shop the trends but just make sure you are not spending a lot of money on them. I also like to research what is coming in the next season to have an idea If I can get two seasons worth out of a piece.

AM: I would say invest in timeless pieces that will always be on-trend. A white t-shirt, a little black dress, floral print, animal print, high heels, black blazer, white button-down shirt, blue denim jeans, etc.

        Sophie Faith

  Product at the breakfast

Norte Canelas Skirt

What are the main differences between shopping for women and shopping for men?

SF: I think men want more classic pieces for work and everyday that they will spend more money on. They are not shopping the trends. I think it’s quality over quantity for men. I think women like to shop the trends and then invest in a few key pieces each season. Sometimes the key pieces are just a designer bag or pair of shoes.

AM: I would say the differences between shopping for women and men are [that] men know exactly what they are shopping for. Men like to get in, get what they need, and get out fast. And, they always have a budget. When shopping for women it's definitely a lot different than men. Women take their time shopping. And, [they’re] looking for pieces missing from their wardrobe. Or, simply want to ramp-up their look with new trends and a new style.

What looks are you most excited to see “in the wild” as SS20 starts to fill the streets?

SF: I’m looking forward to seeing the leather trend continue in a more summer palette. I loved the tailored Bermuda short trend and I think this will continue again in a summer palette. I love all the big comfy dresses that are so easy to throw on for instant chicness with a flat, a sneaker or a heel. I’m excited to see 70’s prints revived on lovely silk fabrics.

AM: I’m looking forward to seeing tie-dye, floral print dresses, denim, and pastel colors.

Where do you find inspiration?

SF: I love to follow all the street style. For me it’s more about what is being worn

outside of the fashion shows during fashion week as opposed to what’s on the catwalk. I love New York Fashion Week and all the European cities. Right now, I’m loving what’s coming out of Copenhagen. You see some great outfits put together in some fabulous ways. It’s a time to think outside the box and push the boundaries.

AM: Books, art, magazines, films, museums. I love Art Deco - the bold designs, clear lines, geometric shapes, vibrant colors and patterns.

Fashion Icon(s)?

SF: Victoria Beckham - I love her collections. Tailored and chic but with a real twist in terms of color and print. Always unexpected. [And] Carrie Bradshaw, for obvious reasons but I really love how she fully commits to a look head to toe!

AM: Bianca Jagger isn’t afraid of bold statements with each of her outfits. Bianca is strong. And, Jennifer Lopez, she know how to make a statement on the red carpet and off.

Favorite designers of the moment?

SF: I have to say that I love how Daniel Lee has revived Bottega Venetta. Understated and effortlessly cool for the modern woman. He was described by Vogue as the “Quiet Radical” and I think that’s the perfect way to describe his aesthetic.

AM: Alexander Wang. What I love about [Alexander] is his urban designs and outstanding tailoring skills.

Mykilim Dune Bag, Wolf Circus Earrings and Bracelets, and Antidote Candle

Words: James Francis Kelley

Photos: Hers Waves