"Les Planches" collection will whisk you away to Normandy, in France.

Spend an afternoon betting on horse races at one of the many tracks or sauntering down the picturesque Les Planches boardwalk, which stretches along the shore as far as the eye can see. Come lunch, enjoy moules-frites at Les Vapeurs restaurant , lounging with the sand beneath your feet afterwards amongst rows and rows of colorful parasols.  

Our collection is inspired by the easy, carefree feeling that comes with going on holiday - it’s about leaving behind the mundane routines of everyday life and exploring a new place for the very first time.  

The 12-piece lineup has a nautical influence, with a palette ranging from classic neutrals to bold, playful pops of color. As always, quality is at the forefront for ANTIDOTE. We pay special attention to each and every detail, ensuring that the final product is nothing short of perfect. Our knitwear is brought to life in some of the finest workshops across Italy where quality and craftsmanship are a top priority. The rest of the collection is made with love in a small, family-owned atelier in Bulgaria using upcycled materials sourced from Nona source- an LVMH brand that specializes in repurposed fabrics. 

ANTIDOTE maintains a close relationship with each of its suppliers to ensure the best results, delivered right to your doorstep.

So pack your bags and let’s go - after all, there’s nothing quite like being sur la plage. 


Photograph : @jfr_and_you
Model : Lucile Lecellier @lucilelecellier