The California based brand KAYU has teamed up with Antidote to recreate a best seller and something completely fresh.  
Two products, endless uses. Our brands created versatile products that already have us excited about spring. KAYU’s Straw Bag, originally made in the Philippines and California, is a hit for the brand. Now, we’re bringing it back, with a few slight adjustments that evoke a ‘60s French Riviera charm and a desire to live la dolce vita. The Peace Silk Scarf does that too, and can be worn in hair, on a bag, around the neck, and even more ways than we’ve yet to imagine. 


We’ve joined forces with Kusuma Kajaih, the world’s premier Peace Silk harvester. His silk is sourced in a way that respects the silk worms and offers superior texture to silk farmed using other methods. Peace Silk is the most ethically conscious and sustainable way of harnessing silk, and we’re proud to partner with an industry leader.