How to Use Less + Save More

Supplies & Money, Respectively

It is no question that times are about to get tougher before they get better. Now, it’s time to prepare. Tighten the belts. Pad your wallets by cutting down your intake while lowering your impact. Here are a few tips on how you can start spending less, saving more, and take a few little stressors off of your plate all at once.

Reusable > One Timers

Invest in a bidet. Wash them. Pick up a filtered water bottle in lieu of bottle packs. Refill it. Think about the things that you use once, often, then throw right away.can you replace them with any reusable items? Tell us what you need by emailing!


Take portioning lessons from the French

Now feels like a good time to assess how much we need to eat versus how much we may want to. Save some food and make less grocery store runs by channeling the world’s greatest Parisiennes and trying smaller portions of your favorite dishes.


"No Makeup" Makeup

There’s never been a better time to go au naturale. Use less makeup to stretch your pallets.


Embrace the 5-in-1

Find yourself a balm that doubles for your eyes and lips. Put multi-purpose cleaners to the test. Try a rich and deeply nourishing shampoo/conditioner shower bar. Products with multiple uses lower your impact, save money, and in the best case scenario, save time too. Our favorite all in one product? Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer, SPF 30.


Finish a great jam from an even greater jar? There’s your new iced to-go cup. Time to cycle out a dark bath towel? Cut it up and now you have dish towels, rags, cloth dusters, etc. If you have a sewing machine, finish off the pieces for a very personalized collection.


Go Halvsies With Yourself

Cut your wet wipe in half. Refill your cleaning solvents a quarter way up with water when they’re half full. Try using about half the amount of what you think you need for two weeks, and see how much longer your products last.


Cut open that tube of toothpaste to use the whole tube. Get familiar with a sewing kit and repair some clothes.

Get Rid Of Excess

Are you using every single one of your seven streaming services, and cable? What subscriptions aren’t you using? Get rid of what you don’t need, and give your time to things you really love.

Words by: James Francis Kelley