How To Style:

New Years

New Years Eve may only be one night but, we’re sure you know that the pictures last forever. What better time to put your best green foot forward than at the beginning of a new decade. Pick an outfit that can be used as inspiration for yourself (and your friends’) for the next ten, twenty, or thirty years. Here’s how.







1. Look Back

No designer does a finer job modernizing the past than Batsheva Hay. She should have designed the costumes for the forthcoming Little Women. Pair one of her dresses with some charming boots, simple jewelry, and let your frilly-inner-feminist dance yourself into the future.


BATSHEVA Prairie Dress Red Grape | YOUNG FRANKK Quinn Mesh Collar | ANTIDOTE STUDIO Black Beret | YOUNG FRANKK Classic Chain Bracelet | MINT & ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |  






2. Be Modern

Black and bright with pattern and texture. Contemporary fashion hits on the tenants of the ‘80s statement dressing and incorporates comfort. A simple top paired with a classically printed skirt and statement accessories is a wonderful way to carry yourself into 2020 in the best of ‘10s fashion.


MOTHER OF PEARL Kate Skirt | NORTE Perlitas Necklace | NST STUDIO Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings | BAGGU Small Leather Retail Tote | |  







3. Look Forward

What if showcasing great taste in the ‘20s means having a closet full of decadent fabrics, silhouettes, and textures from decades past? Pretend it does, and pair your silks with velvets, frills with flairs, and golds with reds. May your bright and bold outfit lead the way to an even brighter and bolder future.


MOTHER OF PEARL Alex Ruffle Top Black | REDONE High Rise Kick Crop Flare | NST Fish Pearl Earrings | NST Studio Silk Cloque Knot Bag |






Words: James Francis Kelley

Photo: @BettinaLooney


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