How To Style:

A Faux Leather Jacket

Buy your faux leather with the thought of passing it down in mind. Wear it on adventures, and dates, and to job interviews! Bake memories into the stitches. Make it a piece that exudes strength and confidence. It is any wardrobes most versatile piece of outerwear.





1. Head To Toe (Plus Or Minus)

1 vegan leather jacket + 1 pair of leather shorts = one killer look.


DAUNTLESS Moto Jacket | White T-shirt |LEBRAND Leather Shorts | MATT & NAT Sarra Belt | BAGGU Standard Bag |






2.The American Classic

Leather and denim feels trés Paul Newman. Wear your jacket with every color of jean, and vibrate differently each and every time.


DAUNTLESS Moto Jacket | NAADAM Cashmere Short Sleeve Sweater | REDONE Stove Pipe Rleased Hem |







3. A Modern Yves

Call upon the ‘70s and plant your look firmly in the future. Rock out with a chill print, pair with velvet, and own every step you take.


DAUNTLESS Moto Jacket | JAN 'N JUNE Pheobe Blouse | REDONE Velvet High Rise Kick Crop Flare |






Words: James Francis Kelley


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