How To Style:

A camel coat

Amal Clooney, Jackie Kennedy, Meghan Markel – these three mavens of style have all donned this wardrobe staple at one point or another. The camel trench is as synonymous with a chic winter as carols are to Christmas. It is a piece that should bring warmth, security, and perhaps a bit of envy, too. Le Brand’s Carole Coat is the consciously made piece of outerwear that is as timeless as good taste itself. Here are some ways to style your sustainable choice this winter, and beyond.






1. The Onassis

Harken back to the 60’s. Think vibrant colors, sumptuous knits, and bellbottoms. Pair your coat with a flared trouser, bright turtleneck, and give it the look an air of The Oval by adorning yourself with your nicest pearls.


Black Turtleneck | REDONE High Rise Crop Kick Flare | LEBRAND Carole Coat | MINT & ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |NST Studio Pearl & Fish Pair Earings |






2. Hollywood

Yes, sometimes even celebrities need coats whilst tucked up in the Hills. Match an oversized shirt with some ripped denim, a pair of heels and a bit of jewelry to polish it off. When you’ve got confidence, it doesn’t take a lot of look to dress like a 10.



LEBRAND Oversized Shirt | REDONE Stove Pipe Released Hem Jeans | LEBRAND Carole Coat | MINT & ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |  







3. The One With The Trophy Husband

Isn’t it liberating to wear the pants in your relationship? Don’t overthink your outfit today. White tee, black pants, environmentally friendly sneakers, and a bag made with sustainability in mind. Throw a coat over it all and roll out. You’ve got more important things to think about!


ANTIDOTE STUDIO White T-shirt | LEBRAND Hana Trousers |LEBRAND Carole Coat | VEJA V-10 Leather Extra White | KAYU Charli Shopper Bag |






Words: James Francis Kelley


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