How To Style - Beret

How To Style:

A Beret

What hat has sustained time’s fashionable test more victoriously than the beret? The French icon first found it’s woolen self atop heads in the 17th century. Fast forward four thousand years… Berets can be found globally, in the most fashionable wardrobes that Earth has to offer.

Interested, but wary that a beret may not be for you? Here are styling options for the Green Beret’s most distinguished piece of uniform that we hope will have you rethinking your stance.





1. The Intellectual

How does one achieve monochromatic timelessness? Do it in camel, of course! It’s a very South of France meets Oxford way to dress that we will always get behind.


NAADAM Cashmere Crewneck Sweater Oatmeal | LEBRAND Hana Trousers |LEBRAND Carole Coat | ANTIDOTE STUDIO Camel beret |CAMELLET Emanuela Bag |






2.Berets Are More Fun

This isn’t a hat merely for the dainty. Toughen it up with your favorite moto jacket, your best band tee, and a skirt that says, “Move, I’m gliding here.”



DAUNTLESS Moto Jacket | Graphic Tee | REDONE Black High Rise Ass Rip | ANTIDOTE STUDIO Black Beret | MINT&ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |







3. Grooviest Girl In The Room

Black and burgundy is a pair sent from fashion heaven, and for it, I am eternally grateful. Match your beret with an all black ensemble, and lighten it up with some fabulous sleeves and sexy skirt. Match it to your bag and voilà, Parisienne It Girl style achieved.


MOTHER OF PEARL Alex Ruffle Top | REDONE High Rise Crop Kick Flare | ANTIDOTE STUDIO Burgundy Beret | NST Cloqué Knot Bag |






Words: James Francis Kelley


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