How To Style:

Basel Tee

Basel. Regardless of the country in which you hear it, or the language in which it’s spoken, the meaning never changes. Miami’s Basel is the world’s premier art show, and Miami knows it. This year, to commemorate our home city’s glory, we’ve made some sustainable Basel merch for your wearing pleasures next week and beyond. Here are some ways that we think you could rock it at this year’s fete.







1. Stand Out With Simplicity

No need to detract from the art surrounding you when your personal style is it’s own level of chic. Don’t lead with your outfit. Pair your tee with some radical jeans, sharp boots, something to keep hair out of your face, and a coat because, yes, even Miami can get chilly.


ANTIDOTE STUDIO Basel Tee | REDONE Stove Pipe Released Hem | LEBRAND Carole Coat | LEBRAND Leather Hair Tie | MINT&ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |






2. Blinged Out and Dressed Down

A common theme for Basel dressing… less is more. Except, that is, when it comes to jewelry. Pair your tee with a sleek black jean, your most ethically made sneaker, and finish off the look with all of the fair trade jewelry in your arsenal. Feel the bobbles shake as you tilt your head for a different perspective. Wrists lighten as your bangles slide down while touching the art that’s meant for all senses. Gold is the perfect compliment to any #Basel ‘grams.


ANTIDOTE STUDIO Basel Tee | REDONE High Rise Crop Kick Flare | YOUNG FRANKK Quinn Mesh Collar | MOUT Hand Hoops | MOUT Ampara Ring | VEJA V-10 Extra White Black |  







3. Real Serious In Fake Leather

Any faux leather look is a wonderful one to spend your time Baseling in. Pair your tee with your moto jacket, some biker shorts, and kitten boots for a relaxed yet coordinated and cool look. It’s very Tom of Finland meets Working Fashion Girl of you.


DAUNTLESS Moto Jacket | ANTIDOTE STUDIO Basel Tee | LEBRAND Leather Shorts | MINT&ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie | BAGGU Standard Tote |






Words: James Francis Kelley

Photos: @CeciliaSV @GabrielaMedinaStyle @ChantalTorres @DiegoArmandoMe


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