How To Style:

An Oversized Scarf

Winter has arrived. Her dark gaze and icy kisses are a particular beauty, accented by wardrobes fixtures that only appear on sidewalks this time of year. Insulating coats, snug caps, voluptuous scarves... It’s their time to shine. Today, we’re introducing some newness to the rotation. We hope that you too find ways to employ our first scarf this year. Here’s how we’ll do it.







1. So Wrong, It's Right

André Leon Talley once called the unity of black and navy in one’s outfit, “sophisticated”. Pairing black with “other blacks” like brown, navy, olive green, and shades of grey can be risky business. When done correctly it is the mark of courageous style and a woman who understands Fashion with a capital F.


MOTHER OF PEARL Alex Ruffle Top Black | LEBRAND Leather Shorts | ANTIDOTE Camel Beret | ANTIDOTE Logo Jacquard Scarf | MINT & ROSE Sol Negro Hebilla Bootie |  






2. Off, On, Repeat

This year, winter temperatures hit record lows and uncommon highs, to often back to back. Layer, and be ready for whatever temperamental fits winter has in store for the next nine weeks.


JAN 'N JUNE Mio Turtleneck Mustard | RE/DONE High Rise Crop Kick Black Velvet | LEBRAND Carole Coat | ANTIDOTE Logo Jacquard Scarf  | MINT & ROSE Chelsea Boots 







3. Miles Above The Rest

Whether it’s hiding you from paparazzi at Heathrow or concealing a transatlantic zit, big scarves suit travelers everywhere. Weather proof your first class style with Alpaca wool that’s been consciously sourced from Peru to feel good, look good, and do good wherever you may be.


LEBRAND Hana Trousers Black | ANTIDOTE White Tee | KAYU Carli Shopper Bag| ANTIDOTE Logo Jacquard Scarf | VEJA V-10 Extra White Black






Words: James Francis Kelley

Photos: Tagwalk


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