How To Style:

A Valentine’s Evening

Whether you love it or hate it, February 14 always has a way of evoking emotions. Some of us have plans, some don’t, and some plant to do nothing. Whatever you choose, try to embrace the love that Valentine’s Day stands for. Share that love or hold it tight. Be thankful either way because (to paraphrase the grandfather of conscious fashion) it’s all we need.





1. Relax

There are few things I like more than a night in, alone with my Libby app while Alexa serenades me with Lane 8. Sometimes, it’s nice to spend Valentine’s Day like you would any other Monday night. Light a candle, pull a bath, scrub winter away, and chill. The possibilities of summer will be here before you know it.


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2. Party

Nothing screams self love quite like dancing the night away to songs you’ve never heard and lyrics you won’t remember. Don a dress and comfortable shoes. Grab a bag just big enough for the essentials (wallet, keys, phone, chapstick). Drop inhibition on your way out the door and open yourself up to an incredible night.


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3. Date

This is, of course, what it’s all about. A date on Valentine’s Day is like a cake on your birthday - you’d never ask for one, but man, it’s pretty special when you catch a glimpse of it from across the table? Gentle makeup, so they see you for you. A simple outfit, as to not detract from your smile. And, a gift. Our suggestion - something they’ll use to remember the night forever.


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Words: James Francis Kelley

Photos: P Horst, Vogue

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