How To Gift Consciously

A Teaching Moment

 The Instaverse has become quite the classroom. Professional influencers and laymen content creators share their personal testimonies in attempts to impart their knowledge and inform the world on their passions. Because of their hard work, any mindless scroll session can be full of teachable moments.

As we wade deeper into the holiday season, we thought it may behoove us to peep the ‘Gram for some tips on gifting sustainably. We love the community of Earth lovers that Instagram cultivates. The more chances we take to learn from them, the better! Here are what three what Green-Grammers had to say.


“I would recommend shopping local and supporting local artisans at craft fairs as well as gravitating towards B corps, social enterprises, and 1% for the Planet partners. Also considering gifting someone a donation to an environmental nonprofit.”


1. Reduce your gift recipient list

Gifts should be for the people we care about most. Nobody really likes filling up their home with the clutter they’ve received from excessive gift giving, and this clutter, which used up many resources in it’s making, will soon end up in landfill.

2. Refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle wrapping paper

Think about whether wrapping a present is really necessary. You could use gift bags that are easily reused over and over again. I have not bought wrapping paper for 11 years because I reuse what everyone else throws away. Children might also like to use their artwork to wrap gifts. You can avoid plastic sticky tape by using biodegradable string or reusing ribbons, or you could use cloth and learn the Japanese art of furoshiki. Investing in or making some beautiful reusable Santa sacks and stockings is a great way to avoid wrapping, and also build tradition and happy memories. I still have fond memories of my childhood Santa sack under the tree.”

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas

• A fancy new haircut

• Dinner at a delicious restaurant

• Tickets to a movie, show, or concert

• Brewery or winery tour

• Cooking class

• Secondhand shopping spree

• Unique activity like an archery class

• A fun workout class (and brunch after)

• Yoga studio class

• Compost pickup service

• Diaper cleaning service for a new mother

• A massage club membership

• A pampering old-fashioned shave

Words: James Francis Kelley