Imagine the Earth as seen by the Galaxy. The way the oceans are always in constant movement, rolling and bouncing blues and greens, the way the white clouds shift across the atmosphere,
and lights brighten the sky in the darkness of space.
This collection represents the Galaxy’s perspective of the Earth, and how its eyes would see all of Earth’s magic. To get perspective and step back allows us to see the beauties of nature, the wonders of the world, the beauties of humanity.
This is what it means to be grateful, this is what it means
to truly appreciate what one has.
Our collection marries nature with metropolis, and it does this all without judgment, separation, or antithesis. Knowing everything has its palace in the Galaxy, even our own flaws. A love letter to the earth as it is, with all its blessings and faults, showcasing the perfection of our imperfections.
The world has had many iterations and so have the materials we used in our collection. From the start, Antidote has been on a mission to offer ethical fashion without compromising on style, and this collection is a metaphor for our commitment. We have mixed ecological matter and upcycled material by recreating from the existing.