Cashmere, Baby

Everything you need to know


Words: James Francis Kelley

Photos: Naadam


As a child, did you ever feel like cashmere and you were meant to be? That soft cloud-like fibers spun from Mongolia’s finest were destined to become everyday pieces of your international wardrobe?

I did. Still do!

Nothing suits the versatile winters of Earth’s most influential cities as well as cashmere. Perfect under a trench in Paris, a puffer in London, or as the warmth du jour on a breezy day in LA.

Also, imagine luxury for a moment. Aren’t you wearing cashmere?

As with all of life’s comforts, it’s time to get to know this yarn! Conscious shopping is key to living sustainably, so learn anecdotes. Ask questions. Understand not only what cashmere means to you, but also what cashmere means to the world.

Here are some tidbits about cashmere that every eco-friendly wearer should know. Want more green facts and answers to your questions about sustainability? Ask us! Tweet or DM @shopantidotesworld and we’ll answer your questions on Instagram and Twitter.

Know Mongolia

If you’re chatting cashmere, dive into Mongolia. The landlocked home of Ghengis Khan lies directly between Russia and China. It produces one third of the world’s cashmere.* According to, Naadam that third is also the best**. But, know that cashmere goats aren’t always environmentally friendly. Their sharp hooves slice open soil and can make land unsuitable for grass growth. The increase of their birth rate at a human-like pace over the past decades has given them prominence in rangelands (where traditional nomadic farmers live), and dulled their abilities to create new life in the process.* It’s important that we always understand the true cost of our purchases.

The Equation

It takes the hair of four adult goats to make one of cashmere sweater.**

At-Home Cleaning Is Martha Approved

When it comes to cashmere care, we trust Martha Stewart. Years ago, the housekeeping maestro taught us*** how to properly care for a cashmere pullover. Whether using a “Fuzz It” or a Naadam Cashmere Comb****, her tutorial has stood the test of time. Naadam recommends replacing liquid detergent with baby shampoo**.


Your Hair Will Never Be As Fair As A Baby Goat’s

At their finest, cashmere strands are 14 microns. At their coarsest, they are 19 microns. Human hair is around 100 microns.**


It’s Only Nice When We Use Our Hands

Shearing goats can be detrimental to cashmere goats who have just endured the harshness of a Mongolian winter. Cruelty-free cashmere all has one thing in common, and that’s how it’s cultivated. Traditional hand combing has been practiced for over 2,000 years by nomadic herders, and it’s the only way to produce cashmere that is cruelty-free.**









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