ANTIDOTE was founded on the belief that a playful wardrobe can also be a practical one. Here, each garment is part of a story, and every collection a special universe. Instead of following trends or seasons, ANTIDOTE consciously releases its designs based on a current mood and feeling. 

In addition to the main offering, ANTIDOTE also carries sustainable brands that catch the eye of Creative Director Sophie Zembra. ANTIDOTE is a lab where creativity comes to life. We work with only the top specialists across Europe and the United States, who are carefully chosen for their impeccable skills and techniques. 

Before entering the world of fashion and founding ANTIDOTE, Sophie Zembra studied and worked on the centuries-old art of stained glass at Paris’ Lucas de Nehou school. Sophie’s unique background remains a major influence for the label’s designs, which she considers an extension of this artistry.