Striped First Aid Cabana

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Elegant raffia hat from Lola Hats in Orange. Woven straw.
Cyclinder crown. Grosgrain ribbon. Handwoven.

  • 100% Raffia
  • Trim 100% Rayon
  • Made in USA
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Crown Height 3 3/4" | Brim: 4"

Reshape/Reactivate Shape of Raffia Hat

One of the many great things about Lola Hats is how they travel easily as they allow for easy storage and regain their shape. To reshape/reactivate the natural resin that provides the flexibility of the hat:

1) Hold the hat over steam (kettle or saucepan works) where reshaping is required
2) Apply steam only to the underside of hat
3) While still warm, use firm movements to restore desired shape - hold in desired shape until the hat cools
4) Once hat is cool and in desired shape, allow it to dry away from direct sun light
5) Hat brims will regain their shape, body and support

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