What’s in Your Bag

Founder & Creative Director of French Girl

What’s in Your Bag / Founder & Creative Director of French Girl
A woman’s bag is so personal. In cities like New York, Paris, and London, where residents hardly drive, bags are expected to anticipate each and every potential need a day may hold. When Kristeen Griffin-Grimes agreed to open up her sac as the premier guest of What’s In Your Bag? she offered a glimpse into her entire world. Her bag holds solutions to all of the on-the-go problems and daily essentials that any beauty mogul may require… and each with the quintessentially European touch that we could only expect from the founder and creative director of French Girl. Merci Kristeen. Voilà!

"What’s in my bag? Ha, probably too much – as I’m sure is the case with most people! But here are some of the items you can find in my bag on any given day."

More Bags: I love bags! I know how silly this sounds, but I always carry a few bags inside of my main purse (which is a French woven market bag, perfect for spring). One of these is a reusable woven netted bag, also French, in case I stop by the store. They expand like crazy! Finally, I carry a smaller, reusable sachet to hold some of my smaller items, such as lipstick, tweezers, etc. All of my bags are reusable, sustainably-made, and chic (in fact, you may see them on our website in the near future…).
Reusable Water Bottle: Hydration is a must for healthy skin, so I always have a water bottle with me. Being a lover of the planet and mindful of the gross overuse of non-recyclable plastics, reusable bottles are essential. I love this one from BKR – it’s made of glass – not plastic – and is both simple and chic.
French Girl Lumiere Caramel Shimmer Oil: In the warm spring and summer months, our Lumière Caramel is a must! It is so silky and hydrating, while also leaving a subtle shimmery glow on the skin. It’s the perfect instant glow product without having to self-tan.
Printed Journal: I’m constantly creating lists, making notes, and jotting down bits of inspiration or ideas that come to me (before I lose them!), so having a journal that’s small enough to be on-the-go and that’s chic is a must for me. I picked up this one, based on a piece by Paule Marrot, a Parisian textile designer who was known for her upbeat prints, at Anthropologie.
Nail Products: Because I’m always running from meeting to meeting, manicure touch ups are necessary! I keep a bottle of polish – right now, I’m loving VEQUE for their non-toxic, vegan + cruelty-free formulations – and FRENCH GIRL’s Nail + Cuticle Oil to hydrate and strengthen my nails.
Table + Phone: Oh, where would I be without my tech?!
French Girl Eau De Néroli: During my busy days, its necessary to take a moment and refresh. Our Eau De Néroli, sustainably made from essential oil distillates, is the perfect, lightly-scented floral mist to spritz on tired skin for an instant pick-me-up.
Maisons Coté Sud: This is a French interior design magazine that I flip through quite often for home and decor inspiration. I’m always finding new design projects at home or the office to work on, so I love having a source of inspiration from the country that inspires me the most: France.
Tweezers: You honestly never know when you’re going to need tweezers. They’ve saved me more than a few times!
French Girl Le Lip Tint: While I change out the shade that I carry each day, I always have a Le Lip Tint in my bag. This one is Ambre Rose, a beautiful rosy-nude. It soothes and hydrates lips while adding a subtle pop of color. So easy!
Mystery Product: Last but not least: I’m constantly creating and testing new product ideas, so you can usually find one or two unmarked vials in my bag containing my latest formulations! This pink one is a product I’m particularly excited about…and may be available to the public in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Interview: James Francis Kelley
Photography: French Girl


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