The Second Life That Is Antidote’s First Bag

Table-To-Tote / The Second Life That Is Antidote’s First Bag
Provence is quintessential France. It is a region of petit towns where strangers say, "Bonjour". Its abundance of lavender dulls the cigarette smoke, and the air bustles with sweet and sultry scents. At outdoor cafes, 1 pm turns into 4 pm in a matter of sips. The region stole our hearts long ago, and inspired our first fashion show, Eté '84. From the looks that glid the runway to the ambiance at The Setai, the scene embraced Provence’s beauty. And, from decor used that evening to evoke the land’s charm, something new is here.

Deciding to recycle the tablecloths was our common sense. Red and white gingham doesn't belong in a landfill! It wasn’t difficult to realize that bagdom should be their next chapter. No wardrobe essential is as covetable, regardless of the weather, climate, or time, as a tote.
The cloths were made in the USA and upcycled by seamstresses in Miami. When developing the pattern, the yield was carefully considered to maximize fabric use and minimize waste. As we expect our brands to recycle, source locally, and encourage sustainability, we promise to do the same.
We made something that is thoughtfully playful. It’s something to give to yourself that also gives back to Earth. It is for your beach, your boss, your weekend, and your night shift. As Provence is to France, this tote is to Antidote: quintessentially us.

words by James Francis Kelley