Sun-kissed & Sun-less

Vegan Summer Skincare tips
It’s very likely that you and your mother, like many men and women of our times, have spent summers sprawled across a backyard lounge chair lathered in baby oil. One of you may have held an aluminum fan to her chest, exposing the décolletage and face to the brightest rays the sun had to offer. And now… do you envy her glow? What about your own?

Women of every age are beautiful, regardless of the lines their skin carries, but sun damage, subjectively, is not. There are more resources now than ever to create the illusion of sun-dusted skin without over exposure to the rays that may send our vanities into a tizzy, or worse, cause health problems.
Take a look below for the easiest way to block sun rays while finding your shine. One order of sun, hold the spots, coming right up.


Lather your entire body with SPF. If you think you’ve put on too much, you’re wrong. We suggest an SPF 30, but use what your body likes best. When buying the perfect sunscreen, make sure it doesn’t contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. They’re terrible for the environment (more on that later).
Rub your lips with a lip polish to enhance their natural color. Then, glaze over them with a chap stick containing SPF. Lips cling onto sun damage just like everything else.
Embrace 90’s beauty tricks. Take your favorite red or pink lip tint, lipstick, or gloss, and make four gentle swipes across your face. One dash per cheek, one along your forehead, and – very important – one swipe down your nose. Blend with fingers or a face sponge. Apply additional coloring to achieve your desired look. 
Apply a small amount of face or body oil under your eyes for a “beached all day and now I’m hot” look. It works as a moisturizer and under eye enhancement.
Voilà! A day in the sun without leaving your bathroom. Don’t forget to wash before bed!

Words: James Francis Kelley
Photo: Solid & Striped


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