Save Your Brass

Tips from Soko to save your brass
Investments should appreciate. Seeing a purchase’s value increase over time is why one chooses to invest, after all. Though many envision investments as property or stocks, not all values are financial. When it comes to a wardrobe, sentiment can outweigh any resale value. Few items can last as long, thus hold as large of potential sentimental value, as jewelry. Alas, few are as delicate either.
To many, brass may not be considered delicate. Calling a woman “brassy” is akin to saying that she possesses the ability to endure. But just like strong women, brass needs to be cared for overtime to ensure it retains its vibrancy. As no one knows the material quite like the ladies of Soko, we asked them how to protect some of our most beautiful assets. Their response was simple, and their methods are clean. Take it in, and invest smarter.

Treat It with Love
Remove jewelry before any physical activity or going to bed.
Prolong its Life
Store your jewelry in a bag away from natural sunlight and heat.
Keep Away from Water
Our metals don’t mix well with moisture. Avoid contact with water, lotion, and perfume.
Keep it Longer
Polish jewelry regularly with a soft cloth and gently polish to clean, remove tarnish and restore shine.

Brass is a natural alloy that may gradually acquire a patina over time. Use an all-natural polish to keep it shiny:

1) Squeeze half a lemon (or lemon juice) into ½ a cup of water.
2) Fully submerge jewelry for 2-3 minutes.
3) Rinse off and dry completely with a soft cloth.

Words: James Francis Kelley
Photography: Afari La-Anyane
Special thanks to Soko


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