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Packing for summer vacation can be one of two things: joyful or miserable. It has the power to stretch out a vacation. Nothing compares to the giddy anticipation of imaging one's outfits in foreign lands, days before an escape.
Alternatively, last-minute grab and shoves could be the demise of a getaway, and no one deserves that. Forget the, “Wish I remembered that,” regret once and for all. Follow a few simple rules, and get packing down pat.
How to pack...
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Sun Coverage:
Always bring a brimmed hat and ample SPF. Memories of vacation may fade, but skin damage lasts forever. Set the top of the hat in the suitcase. Fill it with small items (undergarments, socks, swimsuits, etc.) to preserve the crown’s shape. Place items around it to keep it in place. When it comes to sunscreen, there’s never too much. Choose wisely, and pack as much as needed in a zip-lock bag. Then pack a little bit more. Someone always forgets his or her SPF… be their skin savior. Footwear: Three pairs of shoes may seem like a stretch for one week away, but think of it as a practice of practicality. Take sneakers for walking and excursions, sandals to throw off at the beach, and a pair of heels or wedges that can take you to dinner and back. As with your hat, stuff the sneakers and beach shoes (if applicable) with as many undergarments and socks as possible. Pack them at the bottom of the opposite side of the luggage. Lay rolled up clothing alongside and on top of the footwear to preserve their shapes. Wear your heels/wedges to the airport to keep bags under the airline’s weight limit.
Keep it light. Bring a foldable beach bag. Tuck it in the bottom of the luggage. Alternatively, use it as a carryon. If a beach bag is avoidable, then leave it at home. Instead, opt for a clutch to bring to dinner, poolside, or anywhere else one may need a phone. In it, pack pieces of dainty jewelry and makeup. Tuck it safely in the carryon for a post-flight glow up.
Versatility is key. Pack coverups and shirtdresses. They can be worn with bikinis on the beach or heels at dinner. Everything should be as easy to throw on as it is to tear off. Remember a few comfortable t-shirts for sleeping and lounging. Roll these up, along with some shorts and jeans, and pack them in tightly around items that could lose their shape if rustled in transit.
Bathing Suits:
The most critical pieces to a vacation puzzle are swimwear. Pack abundantly. Solids, stripes, spots, and sweethearts. Cute bathing suits are key for fabulous days and magnificent ‘Grams. Remember that highlighter colors will make any tan pop! Roll these up along with everything else. Use them to fill up all of the air pockets left in the luggage. When it comes to swimwear, keep every option open.

Words: James Francis Kelley
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