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In a continued celebration of moms who inspire us, we chat with a mom-to-be who’s future is as exciting as her present. Mia Rigden, nutrition coach, chef and founder of Rasa, expects the unexpected. Her heart and soul are currently poured into Rasa, a company that provides 1-on-1 health coaching, consulting, and the dreamiest nutritional recipes to come out of Brooklyn this century.

During downtime, she’s playing with natural beauty products, scouring marketplaces for the most delicious ingredients, and, for the past several months, preparing for motherhood. With the help of photographer Brandon Petulla, Mia let us into her Brooklyn-based pregnancy cocoon. If it leaves you wanting more, keep up with Mia here: @the_rasa_life.

Name and Occupation:
Mia Rigden, Nutritionist and Founder of RASA.
Mom, Mother, Mommy, or Mama?
Anything but Mother ;).
When are you expecting the above title?
Fall 2019! 
What’s the most exciting part about being a mom?
The opportunity to raise a kind, loving, and respectful human.

What’s the scariest part about it?
Once I get past the giving birth part, I am sure there will be many other terrifying parts of motherhood.
#1 dream you have about/for your kid?
That he will have lots of passions and dreams, and the opportunity to pursue them.
How do you protect Earth for your kid's future?
In my nutrition practice, I always tell my clients that nutrition is much more complex than just the foods we eat; it's our beauty products, cleaning supplies, our furniture, clothing and more. I am already very conscious of the materials I bring into my home (no toxins!), but bringing a new life into this world has made me want to do more and be better - not just set an example, but also minimize my family's footprint and use my platform to encourage others to do the same. 

How are you preparing for motherhood?
As excited as I am for the little one to arrive, I'm trying to enjoy being childless for the next few months, and focus on a little self-care. Lots of dinner dates with my husband, sleeping in on the weekends (which I've honestly never enjoyed until now), and indulgences likes massages, facials and manicures.
What would “mommy + me” time look like?
I can't wait until my little boy is old enough to cook with me! I hope he enjoys food as much as I do. 
How would you like your parenting style to be?
I think it's important for children to understand boundaries, but more than anything I hope to be fun and not to worry too much (we'll see how that goes!). 

Interview: James Francis Kelley
Photography: Brandon Petulla


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