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Cool Mom Miami Melissa Izquierdo Mother's Day
Mom. Maman. Ma. Mother. Mommy. Mum. No matter what her name is, you have her. She’s always there, even if she’s not around. She’s your most loyal teammate, and the only impact greater than the one she’s left on you is that which you left on her. To all the mamas out there, you are our unsung heroes. Here’s to you! The only difference between you and our “Cool Moms” is that we knew how to find them!

That said, we didn’t arbitrarily deem Melissa Izquierdo cool. She’s the real hair flippin’ deal. As Creative Director of IGK Hair, she gives clean hair a new meaning and sets standards for ethical beauty products. As the mama to Roe (short for Monroe), she’s petting dolphins, giving lessons on shoelaces, and taking care of some gorgeous blond tresses. Melissa gave us a little peep into her world. For more, check her out: @melissalovesroe.

Cool Mom Melissa Izquierdo from Miami
Cool Mom Melissa Izquierdo home in Miami
Name and Occupation:
Melissa Izquierdo, Creative direction at IGK HAIR. I'm 30, grew up in south of France, studied in Paris, and moved to Miami 9 years ago for love.
Mom, Mother, Mommy, or Mama?
Maman! We speak only French in the house, that’s rule #1. 

At home with IGK's Creative Director, Melissa Izquierdo

How long have you had the above title?
Est. 2015. My son Monroe is now 4. I feel like only two years ago I became a mom. It’s crazy how time flies. We hear that from all parents «time goes by so fast, you’ll see». Well, that’s true. I was 26 which I think nowadays is a young age to become a mom. I’ve always wanted to have kids; never had to think about it twice. We're now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl. 
What’s the hardest part about being a mom?
The hardest part would be balancing being a «cool» mom to my son but also set boundaries, teach him values and rules at the same time. I think women, we all have a mother instinct. We just need to trust it and let it guide us making the right decisions. And if we fail, we learn. Nobody is perfect.

At home with Melissa and Monroe Izquierdo

What’s the best part about it?
Knowing you have the best friend of a lifetime. I love going outside play with him, doing activities, art, we laugh a lot we sing dance, travel together. There is a bond you can’t find elsewhere.
#1 dream you have about/for your kid(s)?
My only wish is for their happiness and be who they want to be. Whatever they want to accomplish, who they want to become or where they want to live their life. I don’t want them to feel insecure or have pressure from the outside world. I wish them freedom and health. That’s all.

Cool Mom Melissa Izquierdo from Miami
Cool Mom Melissa Izquierdo home in Miami
How do you protect Earth for your kid(s) future(s)?
I protect earth for my kids future by being environmentally conscious, by limiting plastic in our house and teaching him things like not letting the water running in the tub, or when brushing their teeth. Whenever we see a plastic outside we pick it up and put in a trash. I'm also thinking about installing solar panels on the roof for energy.
What do you do for “me” time?
I think that a happy mom is a happy child. Whenever I have some time which is hard to find when you juggle with work and family, I treat myself to a massage or manicure, read a book, or just go grab a good cup of coffee which is my addiction and a simple pleasure.

Melissa Izquierdo's Miami home mother's day

What do you do for “mommy + me” time?
We enjoy an afternoon outside, go to the park or a kid friendly museum. And we finish with an ice cream or a pain au chocolat of course.

Melissa Izquierdo with her son Monroe

Interview: James Francis Kelley
Photography: ANTIDOTE 


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