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At home with Meredith Baird from Nucifera Body
“Cool” defies meaning. It’s synonymous with a feeling. A universal understanding that whatever it describes has a je ne sais quoi that stands out amongst the rest. It’s a word that aptly describes mother, author, vegan chef, interior visionary, sister, wife, and founder of clean skincare line Nucifera Body, Meredith Baird. She’s got it, get it?

When the South Carolina expat took up residence in Venice, CA, she got quick to work on revamping her 1920’s Spanish style home by the sea. The result of the renovation is unsurprisingly reflective of the rest of Baird’s life. Much like her approach to mothering and her brand, her space is a modern practice of living thoughtfully. While sharing her home, she shared her thoughts on motherhood, too. And for each, we're a bit better off.

Nucifera Body's founder Meredith Baird home
Nucifera Body's founder Meredith Baird home
Name and Occupation:
Meredith Baird Figone. Founder & Creative Director of Nucifera Body. Vegan chef, author and recipe developer. 
Mom, Mother, Mommy, or Mama?
When did you take on this title?
September 2016.

Meredith Baird with her daughter in their Los Angeles Home

What’s the most exciting part about being a mom?
Watching this amazing person grow. It honestly keeps getting more fun. She's such a character.
What’s the hardest part about it?
Having no time! I'm finally wrapping my head around it, but the time management piece is such a huge adjustment. 
#1 dream you have about/for your daughter?
That she will find passion and fulfillment at an early age.
At home with Meredith Baird from Nucifera Body
Nucifera Body moisturizing and deodorizing mist

How do you protect Earth for her future?
Trying to do all that we can by bringing her up in a household that manages waste responsibly, eats low on the food chain, and is mindful of our footprint in every way. 
What does "me" time looks like?
Most frequently a bath, and recently sneaking off to the infrared sauna near my house for 30 minutes.
What would “mommy + me” time look like?
We take a lot of walks and visit the local bookshops. She loves it, and I feel like a really productive mom!

Plant-based Balm from Nucifera Body

How to you expect your daughter's childhood in CA to be different than yours in SC?
In many ways I'm sure it will be different, although the core value of love and coziness will be the same. I hope by growing up in a bigger city she will be able to access things that are positives for her, and excel in whatever makes her happy. Here we have diverse exposure, language, art, music, sports, nature, sciences- LA really has everything. The good and the bad of course, but I'm looking at the good.

Interview: James Francis Kelley
Photography:  Afari La-Anyane


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