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Antidote's City Guide to Mexico City
México, long seen as a vacation destination more than all-else, is getting its due. And, México City’s moment is building. It's a landmark for its country’s historic culture and a hotspot for 21st-century innovation. The food, shopping, and photogenic façades are millennial fodder. Whether it’s for Cinco De Mayo, Dias De Los Muertos, or reinvigoration, start planning your trip now.

Mental Floss: La Roma
Take an afternoon to meander through La Roma, and be. Inspiration lies in each nook and cranny of its pokey streets. Keep a camera on hand. Though “modernized” in the early 20th century, well before Instagram was conceivable, the architecture lends itself to the app and is in perfect alignment with this decade’s aesthetic. Coincidence, or symbol of a divine plan?

La Roma Neighborhood, Mexico City

La Dulce Vida @ Rosetta
Rosetta is pure Mexican culture served on a platter. Bon Appetit dubbed chef Elena Reygadas a pillar of modern Mexican cuisine. She is, indeed, a maestro. Her artistic dishes should contrast the painted old world flowers and the smattering of plants that elicit outdoor cantina vibes throughout Rosetta. Instead, the restaurant is indicative of México City’s position in today’s global landscape - a place where past marries present. (Save yourself from regret - enjoy their dulce de leche brioche next door!)
Rosetta Restaurant in Mexico City
Rosetta Restaurant in Mexico City
Find Treasure @ Trouvé
In French, trouvé means, they found. In México City, Trouvé is a trove of unique antiques located in Colonia Roma Notre. It carries an incredible selection of one of a kind finds from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. It’s easy to spend hours scouring its aisles for the perfect piece of heritage Mexican home décor to up level any metropolitan loft.
Trouvé Vintage Shop in Mexico City
Trouvé Vintage Shop in Mexico City
Leer en Español en Masaryk Ave’s Newsstand
Print is not dead! Whether you're bilingual, trilingual, fluent in Spanish or hardly able to speak Spanglish, do not skip the newsstand on Masaryk Ave. Pick up the latest Vogue México y Latinoamérica or Vanidades. México is fast emerging as a world power, and there is much to learn about its rich culture. Leer!

Newsstand at Masaryk Ave in Mexico City

Live Beautifully in Pug Seal Tennyson
The Pug Seal Tennyson is jewel box in México City’s Polanco neighborhood. Its ambiguous décor highlights México’s joie de vivre, yet it is easy to imagine Marie Antoinette musing over its grand foyer. Each of the 11 rooms is different and distinct. Their names – i.e. Valentia (bravery) – set the mood for visiting travelers.
The Pug Seal Tennyson in México City’s Polanco neighborhood
The Pug Seal Tennyson in México City’s Polanco neighborhood
Get Inspired @ Luis Barragan’s Home & Studio
Two words: Luis Barragan. México’s modern modernist was a contemporary architect who has inspired creatives across mediums for decades. His home located in Gral. Francisco Ramirez is an open invitation to interpret his internal dialogue as one sees fit. His play on lighting and colors may render you speechless, but it will leave your mind enlivened.

Luis Barragan’s Home & Studio in Mexico City

Lean Into Nighttime @ Huset
Not everything remarkable in México City is innately Mexican. Case in point, Huset’s avocado & jalapeño pizza (not listed on their menu). It’s a delectable must at one of the world’s top restaurants. Make your way to the garden paradise in Roma Notre around sundown. Eat, talk, laugh, and find yourself leaving well into the next morning.
Huset Restaurant in Mexico City
Avocado Pizza from Huset Restaurant in Mexico City

Words: James Francis Kelley
Photography: Antidote

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