Bound To Be Well In Los Angeles

Bound To Be Well In Los Angeles
Years after Carrie and friends lamented about how hot, how surreal, and how difficult Los Angeles is, the city has rebounded. Moving from urban jungle to beach bungalow is a trend East Coasters (particularly Manhattanites) have been riding for several years. They pack up runway-inspired ready-to-wear and décor cultivated for their downtown 1-bedrooms, then hop on a plane only to debark at LAX and start a new life in La La Land. The transition can be difficult. Culture as Miamians, Bostonians, and New Yorkers envision it doesn’t live here. However, that's not saying there aren’t plenty of places to see and activities to enjoy while around the 90210. LA’s culture is tied deeply to physical activity, wellbeing, and self-love. Whether visiting or making a move, try out the favorite haunts of a new Angeleno. Sweat it out, take it in, and remember, Health is Wealth.

EAT WELL @ Pura Vita

If you’re too fast you may miss this hole in the wall, with its Brooklynesque ambiance, recently opened on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. Do not skimp on cashew mozzarella in the Caprese Insalata or the Lasagna Pura.

BREAK A SWEAT @ Don-A-Matrix

While a workout class may not be on the top of one’s vacation to-do list, this unlimited pass is well worth the $20. Led by celebrity trainer Don Brooks (of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame) and his team, the 45-minute cardio-intensive exercise held on Melrose in West Hollywood will leave you sore and wanting more.

FRESHEN UP @ Laser Lounge

Procedures reign supreme in Los Angeles. Laser Lounge is nestled within a former artists’ community on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Reinvigorate your skin with their micro needling treatment, and watch the glow set in.

MESS YOUR HAIR UP @ Roosterfish
After a day of sun at Venice or Malibu Beach, it may be time to shake off the sand and get groovy. Roosterfish on Abbot Kinney is as low-key cool as it gets, and hosts great music, drinks, alongside a killer scene. It’s the perfect place to take chill time from day to night.

UNWIND @ Tree People at Coldwater Canyon
An LA trip would be incomplete without sweating it out the old-fashioned way. Tree People encapsulates the beauty of LA’s nature. Start there, and you can even make your way across town to Fryman Canyon on an exclusive hiking trail. Bonus – it’s not unlikely that you may run into a Housewife or two!

Wasteland has locations scattered throughout the county. Just browse its racks to understand what LA street style looks like. But, who can just browse? From Alaïa to Zadig et Voltaire, find only the best in LA’s secondhand shopping oasis.

Artistic expression runs the gamut in Los Angeles. WisDOME is an immersive experience that stimulates all senses. Listen, touch, watch, and dance to some of LA’s finest up and coming artists, all while wandering through three massive manufactured domes in the Arts District.

words by James Francis Kelley
photos via Pinterest

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