Avoid The Hangover - A Case For The Mocktail

Avoid The Hangover - A Case For The Mocktail
At 21, hangovers were like Snaps. They were funny, topics of conversation, and gone for good within 24 hours. Unfortunately that cute filter is a limited edition. Unlike wine, hangovers sour with age.
Brief moments of regret turn into marathons of foul moods, poor decisions, and subpar appearances. Health and wellness coach Evelyn Brazcko says this is due to alcohol’s ability to stop brains from using neurotransmitters. “{Neurotransmitters} are chemicals in the brain that help to transfer signals from one neuron to another and are essential for overall good mental health,” says Brazcko.
You’ve likely felt a hangover. You’ve probably seen one too, but it may have been overlooked. On those Sunday mornings when it took a little too long to get ready… “Alcohol is dehydrating to the skin,” says New York City-based aesthetician, Amity Spiegel. “It also is inflammatory for the body and skin which can lead to dullness in the skin”. If getting ready for the night out took a long time, and your planning on a six-drink kind of night… brace yourself! Tomorrow morning will never end.
Why do this to ourselves? Many overdrink to quell anxiety induced by a social situation. An ex at the party or potential futures at the bar can be overwhelming! And, a stigma surrounds alcohol avoidance. An excuse is always needed. “I’m cleansing,” or, “It’s not keto,” are good go-to quips, but isn't it okay to opt-out?
“I never feel awkward when I’m out {sober} because I know that for me, the negative effects {of alcohol} outweigh any momentary benefits of a buzz,” says aesthetician and makeup artist Katie Mann. The life of the party hasn’t drunk the most beers since high school. Now, she's the most engaging. Tipsy or otherwise.
There is something about having a drink in one hand that creates a sense of calm when socializing, especially with new friends. And who can avoid taking long sips to add dramatic pauses throughout anecdotes? Mann opts for soda water with a lime. Brazcko lives a BYOB life – “Bring Your Own Booch” (Kombucha). Alternatively, order or make yourself a mocktail.
Enjoy any drink you’d like. Do whatever brings your best self to the party. Just remember, brains may not remember last night, but skin never forgets.

Mocktail: A Daisy
- 1/2 glass of pineapple juice
- Pinch of maca root powder
- 1/2 glass of soda water
- Optional: 1 Tbsp of CBD oil
1. Pour pineapple juice into your favorite shaker
2. Add the maca root powder and ice
3. Shake it out
4. Pour into champagne flute and add soda water
5. Sip, and bubble

Words by James Francis Kelley
Shot and styled by @EleanorBryden

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