5 W's: Made in USA

5 W's: Made in USA
Before e-com, HSN, or catalogues, towns had markets, shops, cobblers and carpenters. Residents left their homes and shopped on their corners. They returned with food and novelties from neighbors and friends. People were proud patrons of their local boutiques. Shop owners were leaders in their communities. Taking pride from the goods and talents in a hometown is the unsung bonus of shopping locally. And it’s just the tip of a beautiful iceberg.

Shopping at local market introduces customers to the artisans, designers, and manufacturers defining their communities. These are people creating the looks, smells, and tastes of our homelands. They are the backbones of our towns, and the local arbiters of taste. Always remember, community is key.
Local shopping connects consumers to resources and talents from their proverbial backyards. The clothing, food, and home goods bought from local markets are unique. They are an expression of culture that cannot be found in mass-produced or imported goods.
Home grown in beautiful. Those operating with their land listen to its needs and take what it has to offer. Products may be seasonal, and they may not always be available. Instead, they will always be fresh and new. Better to work with Earth than against her.
The closer consumption is to production, the better. Buying goods from neighbors, kinfolk, and countrymen enhances their potential. It gives their families more, who give their communities more, and the pie grows bigger. It's a ripple effect and it starts with one. Do yourself a favor and lift up your neighbor.
Local shopping stimulates a local economy! It also reduces one's carbon footprint. Think of the carbon that it takes to take goods from Europe to the US, from warehouse to store, store to home, and home back to Europe if it's not just right. $107 Billion worth of clothing was returned in 2018*. That's a lot of carbon for... nothing. Lastly, buying local goods adds uniqueness to the purchase. It enhances their stories. It brings pride to communities and happiness to neighbors. It's a gift to one and to all.

Words: James Francis Kelley
Photo via Pinterest


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