Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express
This is the story behind our EDUN Pineapple tote.

Yes, that's right... you can have your pineapple and wear it too!

Traditionally, when pineapples are harvested the leaves are left behind, unwanted and unused.
They are put into large piles and burnt with chemicals that harm the land & pollute the air.
In this case, they are instead collected to turn into Piñatex.

Our EDUN bag’s vegetable “leather” was created by extracting the fibers from these leaves in the Philippines.
To add to this wonderful cycle, the reminants of this process are used as a natural fertilizer to grow more pineapples. 

These fibers are then hung out to dry in the sun, where they await a degumming process
to prepare them to be made into mesh.

Once they have been degummed, the fibers are put through a specialized machine that create a non-woven mesh.

This mesh is then sent to Barcelona to undergo a finishing process to give it a leather-like look and feel!

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