NYCOLE SARIOL / Stylist / Interview

Interview on Wednesday, May 12
Location: OTL, Miami Design District


What are 5 things you must have for an inspired/productive day?

OK – first, I have to say breakfast. I really don’t understand those people that can start their day without breakfast. Lately, I have been having avocado toast all the time. Second, my vitamins of course. Also, I have to make a to-do list each morning otherwise I get nothing done, I’m super A.D.D. so definitely my to-do list. I also like to do it in order so I have a thematic, a plan of where to start where to end. Hmmm. I would say… my steamer! I am addicted to my steamer, I can’t go out without it. I can’t go out wearing something that looks unkempt because that just would look right as a stylist. Umm... bottles of water, I always carry at least 4 water bottles with me. I look like a crazy lady with a bag of water bottles but I just need to stay hydrated in order to function properly. And I want to say something else… I don’t drink coffee so probably my last thing I have to say it’s my MAC lip tint, I don’t wear a ton of makeup so if I don’t wear my lip rouge I feel naked. At what time does your day normally start? My body usually wakes up without an alarm clock at 7:30-8:00am. But with an alarm clock I try to get up as early as possible. It’s set at 630 but its not guaranteed I will get up, haha!

Is intuition a big part of your job? What is your creative process when deciding which looks to put together?

Intuitively speaking, if something doesn’t feel right and if you feel you are trying to force something into the mix it’s probably not going to look right, you know? But planning also is a big part of my schematic, the more you plan the more smoothly everything is going to run. But, with styling it’s kind of like you just have to go with your gut feeling a lot of the times and then kind of put strategy afterwards. Do you try the looks on? Sometimes I do… like if I feel I am not sure if its better in theory and not executed, then I’ll try on and then sometimes they work and then sometimes they don’t.

Do you have go-to props you always use when putting together looks?

Yeah I do! I mean, it depends on the client. But I would say there are definitely shoes (if the client doesn’t have shoe options)… I have five go-to pairs of shoes that I like to play around with. I’ll always bring my turtlenecks, they are great layering pieces to have. I’ll bring hats, always if it calls for that and then I also like to bring jewelry. Do you have all this stuff in your house? Yes! Yeah I have everything and they always come with me regardless.

What do you value most when buying a piece of clothing?

It depends what I'm looking for. If I am craving something super trendy I’ll go for design. I don’t care to much about quality for this because I know the trend will be in and out in no time. But then, when it comes more into the staple pieces that are going to be classics in my wardrobe, like for example a boyfriend long black blazer, I’ll definitely go for quality - I’ll throw down money for that! And same with pieces I know I’m going to be wearing them day in and day out which I know I want hem to last as long as possible. So yeah, it depends on the piece of clothing I’m looking for at the moment. I really think balance is key.

NYCOLE SARIOL / Stylist / Interview
NYCOLE SARIOL / Stylist / Interview
Tell me your thoughts on responsible style and conscious consumption? And The first thing that comes to mind when you hear ethical fashion?

For me, I think of organic. Like for example this that I am wearing is a really nice linen/cotton blend and I love love love the feel of it. Its breathable, it’s just more sustainable. You know what to expect when take care of this type of fabric. Sometimes with synthetic fabrics you don’t know what to expect, when you wash them. I appreciate the brands that really put effort in researching these fabrics and that take the time to deliver this info to their customers that many times are unaware.

Has your personal style changed throughout your career? Who is your fav style icon?

Omg! I mean, my style has evolved so so much. Even from last year! My style is just different. I’m a Cancer so I’m very moody and I feel like that reflects alot on what I wear as well. So, like - if I feel a bit depressed or melancholic on gloomy days here in Miami, I’ll dress a little bit more gothic, in black with my Doc Marteens. But today, its sunny and I’m feeling that is summer finally here, so I said let me put on my white croptop, my denim pencil skirt and some cool mules! It just seems appropriate, it depends on the day the weather and how I’m feeling, definitely! But yeah, 5-10 years ago I looked like a space cowboy, what was I thinking?!

Style icon?

This is a tough one.. there is just so many people! But you know what! Probably Leandra Medine… not that I dress similarly to her at all I think that we have two completely different styles but I think that the ethics behind why she wears what she wears is really inspiring to me. She is crazy and corky. She always has a story behind what she wears and she is also so fearless. And I think that’s what fashion is all about - I think that’s what style is as well. I think you should be fearless and wear exactly what you want to wear, that’s how you should present yourself to the world. I really enjoy reading about her she has a very unique voice and her voice if portrayed through her style and I really love that so much.

I see you have worked in film, TV styling, how does it differ from print, advertising and editorial clients?

It differs a whole world apart. TV and film its very theatrical, in fashion you don’t get to be as theatrical. You are more lifestyle. Also, as far as technicality goes, you can’t get away with hiding a bunch in film. You have to make sure that it fits like a T. You can’t go with using a bunch of accessories because you are mic-up so that is something you have to be conscious about. The type of jewelry you put on, no pins can be showing as well. It can be really hard because you have a 3D vision of the actors where in print and editorial its only 2D - it's flat. The days are also waaay longer in film and TV, its easily like a 14hr day. Instead for print and editorial, its most probably a 8hr day. Nonetheless, I love both of them.. I wish I had worked more with period pieces in film just because it’s my aesthetic - theatric, romantic, the pride and prodigious.

If you were to wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

Definitely a pair of black boots I own from & Other Stories - I wear them to the bone. Also, this one dress I have from Reformation – it was my first dress from the brand, actually. It’s a wrap dress with a very low neck line, its black with short sleeves and a floral print. It’s literally the most flattering dress I own, I wear it to all my dates! Haha! Because it’s a NO FAIL. It gets such great response, I feel very sexy and womanly in not a vulgar way.

What’s your favorite Antidote outfit?

There are so many, but I really love the where Mountains Meet high neck white top with the cute little velvet knot in the neck and the where Mountains Meet high-rise wide leg pants . BUT probably, my faaavorite one is the denim WYLDE skirt and the crossed where Mountains Meet silk top. Together this look feels super retro-vibes and I love it.

What is a must-see or must-go place around here?

God! I’m such a loser, I love staying home. But if you guys are feeling adventurous I really like Dania Beach – there is a very cheap kayak place there – its only like 20 bucks for 3 hrs. And you get to kayak through the mangroves. You even see manatees, and baby alligators! I love bike riding through Shark Valley near the Everglades. I just love animals and wildlife. So if you are into that I could probably be your tour guide.

As far a food goes, my no fail restaurant that I always go to is Pubbelly in Sunset Harbor in the beach its fuse between Latin and Asian influence. Its just so yummy! Probably the best sushi I’ve had in Miami…

 So great seeing you, Nycole.


Interview by: Erika Greco


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