Must-Reads on Sustainable Fashion

Must-Reads on Sustainable Fashion
Camila Straschnnoy, trend reasercher and contributing fashion editor, shares with us her go-to reads on fashion sustainability. From topics such as the new activism, touching points on social justice and climate change, to the way we look at clothing through patterns of consumption, these books will have you rethinking your fashion choices.

Rise & Resist: How to Change the World
by Clare Press

This book will wake up the activist in you and remind us that if you don’t like something, it’s up to each of us to do something about it. It’s an extremely well-produced witty written book delivering excellent research in an engaging and exciting way. The book elaborates on the new activism that is emerging while tackling topics on social justice and the climate movement.

Clothing Poverty
by Andrew Brooks

Clothing Poverty made me think about the # by Fashion Revolution #whomademyclothes. Andrew Brooks takes us with him on a global journey, from fabric to fashion show, to reveal the worldwide commodity chains and hidden trade networks that transect the globe and perpetuate poverty. We get insightful information from markets in Mozambique, Nigerian smugglers, Bolivian traders, London vintage shops, and the growing ethical fashion lines like Vivienne Westwood. After reading this you will possibly be rethinking about fashion, ethics, and your role in the global production and exploitation.

Refashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials
by Sass Brown

This title demonstrates that sustainability is not a mere communication phenomenon, but a solid reality that is shaping creativity and manufacturing. Sustainability applied to fashion is no longer avant-garde, it’s a huge need that a growing portion of society is asking for and adopting. This book elaborates on the future of sustainable, ethical and experimental fashion, without losing its focus on aesthetics. This book demonstrates that the areas of recycling and upcycling are a rich and growing source of innovative design by featuring 46 international designers who work with these types of materials and discarded garments.

Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences & Empathy
by Jonathan Chapman

Did you ever ask yourself why you hold onto certain items while discarding others even before they’re even worn out? The author of this book, one of my favorites of all times, is a UK-based sustainable design theorist. Johnathan Chapman work seeks to understand and uncover the social and societal patterns of consumption and waste and find practical ways out of our current unsustainable, throwaway culture. In this book, he stresses that “we are consumers of meaning not matter”, and he explains how we retain interest in things only when they continue are meaningful to us, and can adapt to our changing desires and values. You will end this book thinking about sustainable design that reduces consumption and waste by increasing the durability of relationships established between users and products.

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