LUCIE HUGARY / Photographer / Interview


Interview on Wednesday, June 14th
Location: Vagabond Hotel, Miami


Tell me about a day in the life of Lucie – from beginning to end!

My days are never the same, it depends if I am in Miami or if I’m in Paris, if I’m shooting, editing, or retouching, or having a day off. But a perfect day I would say would be probably waking up in Paris, my cat and husband would be there too. Maybe start the say with some fresh croissants from the bakery downstairs. Then, go to work at a beautiful location with a great team, have a little lunch break at a cute restaurant and get back to work. After, maybe go for drinks with the whole team.  I love my job so for me an ideal day would be a work day!

LUCIE HUGARY / Photographer / Interview
LUCIE HUGARY / Photographer / Interview
How did your journey as a photographer begin?

When I was in high school there was a photography workshop where I took film photography. There was a lab, processing films, printing, etc… After high school I went to photography school for 3 years in Toulouse in the South of France, at the time it was mainly film photography so I got the opportunity to learn that very well.

Would you say you like film photography better?

Nowadays, I like immediacy of digital and how it’s cheaper as well as eco-friendly. Because you don’t have to dump a bunch of chemicals. I’m not so much of a fetishist of which camera or medium to use. For me these are just tools to make great images, I’m more interested in the image making than the tool.

After my 3 years of school I moved to Paris and interned at different studios as a stage assistant. One of them hired me part-time, it allowed me to watch and learn how everything works, lighting, tools, team relationships etc.  Then, I started assisting a photographer directly, and we travelled quite a bit. One time we came here to Miami and that is when I met my husband. Around the same time, I started doing my own work and working with modeling agencies, and that is when I began building my book.

You have a really clear aesthetic in all your work. Has it changed/evolved throughout your career? If so, In what ways?

I think my style has been fairly consistent since I started. I have always liked color, when I do editorials or personal work I’ll start thinking of locations and associations certain colors, what could work well the clothing or the backdrops. I‘ve always like pretty clean images, I don’t like too much busyness in the background, unless it’s a beautiful landscape. I like to keep the images readable. But honestly I don’t think about it too much, it happens organically.

It is hard to take a step back and critique my own work or analyze it in a way that I can see how it has evolved because I am immerse in it, but I guess I could say I have evolved and improved with time. During my time as an assistant, being on set with other people, I got to observe and see that there is not just one way to do things. When you start your career, you are like ‘shit!’ I have to do things like this or like that. But working with all these different people, I realized everyone works differently and have their own ways to achieve amazing images.

How has fashion influenced your career?

I like fashion and I love making fashion images, I love how a beautiful item of clothing will make your picture, it can be a stunning color or combination of colors, an amazing shape. 

Who’s work do you admire the most?

I really love Ryan McGinley. I admire people who have managed to do more fine art type of photography, rather than just fashion photography. I wish I was able to break free from the constraints of fashion imagery and do more “artsy” images, I really admire fine art photographers.

I know you are back and forth from Miami to Paris. Tell us the best part about living in both of these amazing cities

Miami has been really great to me, I’ve been here for almost 10 years. What is great here is that it is basically the perfect day-light open air studio all year around, that’s incredible. But what I appreciate about Paris is that there is a lot more to do culturally. A lot of my friends are there and I miss them a lot. I like that there’s a lot more things I can relate to in Paris than here. It feels that there are opportunities for me right now in Paris, that I want to take.

I am at this point that I am falling in love with Paris again. Plus, I don’t have to be in a car all the time! I hate driving, I just love to walk around and see how charged of history Paris is.

Does your work vary in any way when you work with clients in Paris versus clients in Miami?

Paris has a wider variety of clients, there is just more work overall, and access to bigger clients there. Here in Miami, teams will come to shoot for a few days and then leave. But locally in Miami, in recent years, there are more and more things happening and brands starting and developing, it is really exciting to see and be a part of.

A piece of advice you would give to an emerging photographer?

Definitely: assist! All the technical knowledge you acquire in school is great but they don’t teach how things work on a photoshoot, the team relationships, photoshoot etiquettes, how to interact with people etc. And while assisting, find time to develop your own work as well, to build you portfolio, experiment. And don’t be afraid to try new things, there is no right or wrong way to do things. 

Favorite Antidote piece?

The Kilometre Koh Kood shirt with the knot and Cienne NY Mick black wide leg pants – I am not super girly so the simpler, the better!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Oh darn! I don’t really like to plan ahead to much because I never know what tomorrow is going to be made of. I always wait for jobs to be confirmed and sometimes they just get confirmed one week before so I literally never know… But, ideally, I’d love to be back in Paris full time, and have started good relationships with a few great clients that I am passionate to work with. I would still see myself doing photography, I’ve doing this for the past 15 years so I don’t really know how to do anything else! That or move to the mountains and rescue cats!

The one place you recommend us to go in Miami and Paris?

In Miami, my absolute favorite restaurant is Su Shin Izakaya in Coral Gables, it is Japanese izakaya type of restaurant. That’s where my husband brought me on our first date and we have been going at least once a week ever since. My other favorite place in Miami is the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

In Paris, I love it all, I just love walking around everywhere. I love going out dancing tand nerding out to electronic music, Nuits Fauves / Wanderlust have usually a lot of good artists scheduled, but I’d go where ever my favorite artists are playing. I love the Serres d’Auteuils, it’s a beautiful botanical garden with huge green houses from the late 1800’s. Also try to get the most amazing bowl of ramen at Koterri Ramen Naritake! Oh and Chats-Mallow cafe, it's a cat cafe!

Thank you so much for grabbing a drink with us on this hot Miami day, Lucie!


Interview by: Erika Greco

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