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Sustainable Fashion / Ethically Kate
If you love fashion as much as I do, you’ll know the glowing feeling that comes from putting on a pencil skirt that hugs your body perfectly, the excitement of new collections dropped from your favourite brand, and the daily fun of wearing a different skin every day. Fashion is such fun!

The latest term on the block in the world of fashion: Sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion describes a way of consuming fashion that respects and protects people and the planet. Sustainable fashion is all about getting creative with your wardrobe, loving what you own, and inspiring a more wholesome way of consuming. Imagine if your favourite sweater could last forever, or your beloved dress could be worn more ways than one?!
I’ve been on a sustainable fashion journey for over three years now, and it’s totally revolutionised the way I dress and consume.
Sustainable Dressing
Multifunctional Pieces:
Every now and then, I take my wardrobe on a date. It may sound strange, but spending quality time with my wardrobe when I’m not in a rush to get anywhere, has completely rid me of my “I have nothing to wear!” crisis. I’ve fallen in love with my clothes all over again.
Top Tips:
- Mix and match pieces you have never worn together.
- Wear long sleeved tops under summer dresses in winter (so your beauties won’t get lonely.
- Donate clothes that don’t make you feel amazing 
    Natural fibres:
    When I’m out shopping, or browsing online, I always look out for fabrics that make my skin go ‘ah’. Natural fibres are soft and gentle on my skin, and the environment. Plus, they look so damn classy and authentic. Organic cotton, hemp, linen, and silk are a few of my favourites.
    Buying second hand clothes used to be for the lazy and frugal, but today, it’s for the stylish. Vintage = stylish = me! My vintage pieces are one of a kind, and I know they will last me a life time.
    We’ve all had those soul crushing moments, when our heart has sunk to the ground as our favourite item of clothing breaks at the seams. It’s devastating, but the concept of sustainable fashion has helped me deal with these moments with less tears. I fix my clothes with a simple needle and thread, or take them to my local ‘clothes doctor’ (seamstress), to give them several more years of life. It’s cheap, fun, and sends less items to the clothing graveyard.
    Every now and then, I let my inner designer flow. I turn old jeans into stylish, ripped shorts, add buttons and bows to plain shirts, and sometimes even turn skirts into pants. Upcycling has transformed my least favourite clothes into daily threads.
    When it comes to fashion, I believe sustainability is the perfect way to inspire style and taste. Date your wardrobe, drown yourself in natural fabrics, rock that vintage dress, repair instead of throw away, and if you’re bored; upcycle!


    Kate Hall

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